Investment criteria

Synergia aims at the so-called middle segment of Dutch companies. This is where our combination of knowledge and capital does itself justice. For very large deals the amount of money available and the possibilities of financial engineering are decisive, thus making the large national and international Private Equity providers prevalent in this segment. With smaller investments the knowledge of investors is decisive. Many informal investors who invests hands-on are active here. Synergia lies between these two extremes since it is not only capable of mobilising a substantial amount of capital but also mobilising extensive knowledge and experience.

Synergia aims particularly at investments in companies internationally active in a niche market and which are striving after growth through the application of a buy-and-build-strategy.

The most important target groups of Synergia are family-owned businesses, divestments of non-core activities from large multinationals and companies with growth prospects with a transaction amount of between € 10 - 100 million per transaction.

We focus on industries in which we can utilise the knowledge of our network or that of our (former) participations:

Business services:      The Human Network, Quint Wellington Redwood, Welten
Software and ICT:       Vicrea, ISDC, Temtec, Innovity
Care and health:        G2 Speech, Elysee Dental, Alexander Calder
Agriculture and food:   Pokon Naturado, Ploeger Oxbo Group, Cold Food, Boboli
Industry and trade:     Life & Mobility, Low Land Fashion, Thermphos