The entrepreneurial private equity house

Synergia Capital Partners was founded in 1999. Synergia's capital is raised by successful Dutch entrepreneurs and directors. It is our intention to combine the complementing qualities of all those involved and not to take over the role of the manager, but to provide risk-bearing capital with added value, based on the premise that a combination of knowledge, involvement and capital leads to higher returns on our investments.

Expansion capital


Synergia originates from the old Greek word for co-operation. This co-operation is what Synergia Capital Partners's formula revolves around: The combining of strengths between the company and investors and between labour and capital. This idea is depicted in Synergia Capital Partners's logo: Gamma.

Synergia focuses on the following transactions:

  • Succession
  • Growth capital
  • Management buy-out

Synergia has gained a lot of experience in successfully guiding the succession of companies' CEOs/founders. We prudently manage this intensive process in close cooperation with the CEO/founder. Rationality and emotion should be in balance for all parties involved.

Synergia is extremely interested in companies that have successfully completed their start-up phase and which need expansion capital for a subsequent growth phase, for example by means of international expansion, extend their product portfolio or acquiring a related company. The current owner(s) should be open minded for an external shareholder who is actively involved.

The management buy-out is a type of transaction where a management team acquires their company together with a private equity firm. Synergia strongly believes in this way of cooperation between management and investor. At the end of the investment period (exit) the management is also rewarded as a shareholder for the realized value creation.

Synergia is activately involved with its investments through assistance with:

  • acquisitions
  • international expansion
  • large investment projects
  • further improvements of the internal organization


Synergia team

Located in Veenendaal, a core team of investment managers is engaged in the management of the portfolio companies and the arrangement of new investments. The investment team ensures that the complementary qualities of the business advisors and the entrepreneurs are deployed in each transaction. This results in a combination of knowledge and capital leading to success.

Leo Schenk Managing director

During his law study Leo Schenk was also active as a semi-professional soccer player and fulfilled his compulsory military service at the military intelligence service. Thereafter he was employed at ABN AMRO Bank where he held various positions. At his last position he worked as director for the department Corporate Investments. In 1999 he founded Synergia Capital Partners. As managing director Leo is responsible for the fundraising process and Synergia's participations, such as amongst others Ploeger Oxbo Group and Condoor Group.